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Meet Q
Meet Q
Meet Q: Your LGBTQIAP+ mental health podcast

Welcome to Meet Q, your LGBTQIAP+ mental health podcast hosted by experts in the field. Each episode, catch clinical psychologists Dr. Dave Demmer and Dr. Jamie Byrne, as well as GP Dr. Tom Dickson, as they have real, informed conversations about ‘Q’, a fictional character from the LGBTQIAP+ community who’s struggling with their mental health. The three experts chat about Q’s difficulties, how they would support Q in therapy, and what the science and the research has to say – all with a focus on what’s new in therapy and the field of mental health.

They will explore topics such as anxiety and depression, self-worth, gender dysphoria, relationship issues, and many more, all within an LGBTQIAP+ affirmative approach, while you pick up tips and tricks to support your own mental health in a pod that is fresh and informed.